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1151 - 88 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9, Canada

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Body Extreme Nutrition store is owned by certified personal trainers that believes in proper healthy body workout and carry award winning supplements, vitamins and some high protein/healthy snacks to help fuel you throughout your day! Being a personal trainer for many years, we have experienced to shape many body types and start to believe in proper workout routine and supplements to achieve everyone's goal.


  • Lowest price GUARANTEED in the market
  • Carry top award winning supplements brands 
  • Provide free advise on how to achieve your goals
  • Guide you to proper workout routine
  • Motivates you to healthy journey



Are you struggling with your health or fitness goals?  At Body Extreme Nutrition not only we advise for proper supplements and nutrition, but we also offer personal training sessions to guide you through the most effective training and dietary advice available! We'll work with you and provide in depth information to help you reach your goals.  Schedule a training session with Certified Fitness expert Robbie.  If you have a goal, he has a program to get you there quickly and efficiently!

Being a certified personal trainer. We help you to achieve your goals by guiding you to proper workout routine and what supplements will benefits you.

​Please visit Body Extreme Nutrition store or call us at 604-716-2775.

Schedule is by appointment